Turning the Science of Aging into the
Art of Living Well.

Masterpiece LivingĀ® at SQLC communities.

SQLC has implemented the Masterpiece Living program at each of its communities. SQLC communities are designed to provide more than just a “retirement lifestyle.” Masterpiece Living is a complete program and methodology for successful living. The end result is a group of healthy and vibrant individuals that are statistically better prepared to reduce the 12 Risk Factors of Aging as identified by the Mayo Clinic. Through a self-paced and results-oriented curriculum, participants in Masterpiece Living experience increases in social interaction, self-awareness, a greater sense of purpose and higher states of physical and mental conditioning.

The Masterpiece Living® launch in Summer 2012 has been an overwhelming success with both residents and team members at all five SQLC communities.  We’ve seen new programs created, more people taking part, greater involvement in activities with purpose, and more active engagement in personal health and wellness. Key facets of the Masterpiece Living initiative, such as the Lifestyle and Mobility Review, enjoy enthusiastic response. In some cases, resident participation in Masterpiece Living programs has been as high as 90%.

“It has always been the vision of SQLC to provide our residents with the most enriched lifestyle they could possibly find,” says Charles B. Brewer, president and CEO, Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation.  “With its emphasis on social engagement, physical health, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual fulfillment, Masterpiece Living® offers the perfect complement to that vision.  Our communities are already the best in class in their market areas, and Masterpiece Living® distinguishes them that much more.  To be the first communities in the State of Texas to make this approach to healthy aging available is a real hallmark for SQLC.”

Press Release: Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation (SQLC) Launches Masterpiece Living® in a Texas Size Way in Five Texas Communities

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